Department Store Dolls House

This commission was for our local Vicar’s wife. She had this idea of building a five story Department Store based on the period from the early 1920’s.

She had pictured this store in her mind and then seen some windows that she wanted to incorporate into the design, along with a revolving entrance door to the foyer area.

Using the brief she gave me I set too and designed the project that follows. I drew a full size drawing of the front elevation so that she could see what the final building would look like, I also drew full working drawings of both the stairs and the front entrance so that I could get the problems solved on paper before cutting up any materials. The revolving entrance doors and their enclosure had to be a perfect fit or the whole project would have failed.

To keep the cost down the lady agreed to come and paint various parts before I assembled them. She also wanted to be involved with the job as it was her project that had materialized in her head. She can be seen applying paint to the inner rear wall panel in one the pictures.